22 February, 2016

Knocking About in Baja

 Location:  A special beach north of San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

 We've spent the past three weeks traveling around and camping on the beaches between La Paz (“The Peace”), Cabo San Lucas (“Cape Saint Lucas”), and Todos Santos (“All Saints”), in the southern reaches of the Baja. 

Tropic of Cancer roadside centre
We crossed the Tropic of Cancer 8 times, south of which is considered the Tropics. As a result, it's started getting very hot now during the day <grin>.


Julie's brother Tony had to come to Mexico City on business, so he managed to get an extra week added onto his schedule and came across to spend it with us at La Paz and Los Barriles (“The Barrels”). We all had a lovely time together.

We wanted to watch the start of the Baja 300 race at Los Barriles, but it was run on the same day we picked Tony up at the airport, so we had to give that a miss, poor Mark.

We attended two nights of Carnival in La Paz and saw great floats, listened to a lot of live Mexican music, stayed at a lovely B & B, and had a great dinner for $22 for the 3 of us (including 2 beers each!!). We have really been enjoying sampling the Mexican food.


Tecelote Beach near La Paz

 We took a trip out into the bay north of La Paz and swam with the whale sharks – totally awesome!
from above

from below
At Todos Santos we visited Hotel California, made famous by The Eagles, saw 14' high surf banging in onto the beach, bought some lovely vegetables at a couple of organic farm stands, viewed the beautiful old town architecture, and met up with some friends from Canada.
mosaic outside an art studio - Todos Santos

No swimming today

standard road hazard

We spent five nights at Los Barriles where we saw lots of wind surfing and kite boarding, and swam or snorkeled every day. And we got to meet Jimmy who won his class in the Baja 300 we missed earlier in the week.

Tony enjoying a snorkel

larger road hazard
Before and after Tony's visit we spent almost 2 weeks at a very special place (we've been asked not to name it in our blog). We spent our time there walking, walking, walking on a wonderful trail system, snorkeling, bird watching, learning about scorpions (did you know that scorpions glow white at night under a black light?), and we met lots of new friends. Luckily, not a single rattlesnake was spotted.

on top of the 'mountain'

If you look closely you can see the RV

We're leaving here tomorrow to meet up with some old cruising friends who are traveling south in their camper. Then we'll start working our way slowly North, stopping at a lot of the places we missed in our hurry South to get warm.

Que estan teniendo un tiempo marveloso