25 July, 2014


Location: Deltaville, VA
Position: N 37° 32.94' W 076° 19.78'

We have been very remiss in keeping the blog up to date this year. Our last entry had us lobstering in Long Island, Bahamas. Hmm well it's now almost August!!

We had a great but fast trip back north from the Bahamas. We met up with our friends Shep & Deb, to travel north with them from Florida. It's their first year cruising and we traveled offshore together from Florida to North Carolina. We are now back in the Chesapeake Bay using Deltaville, VA as a base for Rachel and are taking side trips to visit family.

We've been down to the outer banks of North Carolina twice, Blacksburg, VA twice and we are now in Connecticut with Mark's mum.

We've decided not to go south this winter. We have seven years of deferred maintenance that we need to do at our house in Blacksburg and some work we need to do on Rachel, as well. The house stuff is easier done if we're living there and the Rachel stuff is easier done if we are NOT living there. So...we've told our tenants we plan to move back into the house when their lease runs out mid November, or , if possible, before. And hopefully won't freeze to death during our first winter in 7 years!!