31 August, 2013

Flower Power

Location: West Hartford, CT
Position: N 41 47.08 W 072 45.66

One of the best parts of our travels this summer has been the profusion of wildflowers we've encountered. Spring in the Pacific Northwest lags a bit behind the Southeast, and we unwittingly managed to time our visit there for the height of wildflower season. Everywhere we went there were beautiful blooms. Some were familiar and some were new to us.

In our usual “always prepared” state, we managed to leave our wildflower books on Rachel. At a bit of a loss without them, we found ourselves taking a lot of photos to help us remember them and identify them later. Whenever we remembered to bring the camera, that is ....

We still haven't looked them all up, but we thought we'd go ahead and share them with you, anyway. We'll keep this short to spare you a lot of silly text and just let their beauty speak for itself.

Peace and love,

Mark & Julie