09 July, 2012

The Whales of July

Position: N 42 26.160 W 070 16.042
Location: Stellwagen Bank, Bay of Massachusetts

After 2 ½ months in Deltaville we are ready for something different.

This afternoon we find it.

We're motor-sailing in nearly flat-calm seas from Onset, Massachusetts to Casco Bay, Maine with our friends Mike & Roberta on “Celilo”. On the horizon we see a a few whale watching boats just sitting there. A closer look reveals what appear to be whale spouts!

We head over and, sure enough, there are whales. A pair of humpback (we're pretty sure) whales is lounging on the surface. They dive and we see their tails flip up in the air. We get closer. We watch. There they are again!

After about a half hour the tour boats head back to port, leaving us alone with the whales. What a treat. We can hear them breathe. We can see what looks like barnacles on their fins. We're closer than we've ever been to whales on the ocean.

At one point they're between Celilo and Rachel, on a collision course with Rachel! Like an old sub movie we imagine “AAH-OOH-GAH! AAH-OOH-GAH! DIVE! DIVE!!” We cringe, hold our breath, and, just in time to avoid us, they dive. Absolutely spectacular. Nerve wracking, but thrilling and exceptional.

Something different, indeed. 

01 July, 2012


Position: N 37.32.93 W 076 19.90
Location: Deltaville, Virginia

Wow! It's been a really long time since we wrote a Khronicle. We've been really busy, and our focus just hasn't been on writing about our lives.
What have we been doing? Hmmm...
We've had 2 of our 4 grand kids visit with us for 10 days each, that was lots of fun. Quality one-on-two bonding time.
We've had several visitors from other places in Virginia for a few days here and there.

Julie made a quick trip down to Radford to visit and pick up Alex.
Caught up with all of our extended Deltaville family, the crowd we met when we were at Deltaville Marina before we took off cruising.
Lots of cruising friends passing through Deltaville have stopped for a few days to catch up. Some were heading north and others were hauling their boats out to leave them for the summer or to work on them. We really scored on free food when they were emptying and turning off their fridges!
Mark celebrated his 60th birthday on June 5th. Our friends Anne & Jon hosted a wonderful party at their home and 25 of us enjoyed a Cuban dinner and music on their patio. A meeting of dear friends old and new helping the old guy chalk off another year.
Then of course there's the boring but necessary work, boat jobs, boat maintenance, provisioning, now into HOT, humid days......
We are currently waiting for weather to head up to Maine. We will try to send out more timely news in future, but no promises.