24 December, 2014

Our 13th Wedding Anniversary

Date: Christmas Eve, 2014
Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

We were married on Christmas Eve, 2001.  Since then, we've always loved planning and cooking a delicious dinner together.  That is, until we moved aboard Rachel.  Her galley is just too small to allow both of us to work in it at the same time.  We've managed to get by over the years by moving some of the prep work into the salon, but that's only a marginal solution, at best.  It's just not the same if we aren't both experiencing the semi-organized chaos of the "kitchen dance".  So we were quite happy this year to take advantage of the spacious and well-appointed kitchen at the house to make up for lost time.

Our 13th Wedding Anniversary Dinner Menu 

Wedge of Iceberg Lettuce w/ Warm Gorgonzola Dressing

Grilled Portobello Caps Stuffed w/ Tomato, Rosemary & Mozzarella

Asparagus w/ Toasted Pecans & Warm Tarragon Vinaigrette

Grilled Tuna w/ Lemon Zest & Garlic Herb Rub

Wine (from some friends)
A lovely Tempranillo by El Cortijillo

Dessert (from our local pastry shop)
Opera Cake: a wonderfully rich (and dreamy) combination of delicate almond biscuit or joconde, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream, and chocolate glaze assembled like a very refined and decadent layer cake.

Some other rich and decadent choclate-y, creamy, rasberry-y confection whose name we can't remember.

All served in a very romantic setting before the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights and gentle Christmas music.  It's great to be in love!

Wishing you all a richly delicious, warm, and sweet Christmas.

The Week Before Christmas

Our first Christmas tree in 7 years

The kids came over to help us decorate

Fireplace all ready for Santa

All done